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Become a BIMzeED Trainer!

BIMzeED partners produced a ‘Train the Trainer’ programme for any professional interested in being a trainer on the BIMzeED course.

Once you complete the programme you are qualified to pilot the BIMzeED Learning Units

Click here to become a Trainer.

Steps to becoming a Trainer

Step 1

Register your interest in taking part in the Train the Trainer Workshop

Step 2

A member of the team will review your application

Step 3

You will be notified if your application has been successful

Step 4

If your application was successful, you will be enrolled on the TtT workshop

Step 5

Once you complete the TtT workshop, you will be notified and receive access to all the BIMzeED Learning Unit content and materials. You are now a BIMzeED Trainer. As a BIMzeED trainer you will then be able to set up a group or have a group assigned to you to start training.