Third National Steering Group Meeting held in Croatia

On June 29st, 2020, organized by the University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering and Regional Energy Agency of Northwest Croatia, a virtual third meeting of the National Steering Group (NSG) was held as part of the BIMzeED project. The meeting brought together 23 NSG members.

Srećko Vrček from the Regional Energy Agency of Northwest Croatia presented the website of the project with the method of use for the needs of the training the trainers. Also, he briefly presented developed learning units with the main goal of using BIM technology to upgrade skills to build near-zero energy buildings (nZEB).

Bojan Milovanović (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering) and Ivana Burcar Dunović (SUBNECTO) presented the e-learning platform (Moodle platform) and the logic of learning through teaching units LU3 and LU7. Further they shared their experiences of applying learning units through their curricula (students) and training (industry representatives). Professor Zlata Dolaček-Alduk from the University of J.J. Strossmayer in Osijek, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture gave her review of the training of trainers: “The content is comprehensive, detailed, very targeted and helps and educates trainers for the desired topic and the desired part of the program. The thoughtfulness of the content and the depth related to the knowledge and the accompanying contents that enable a better understanding of the given topics surprised me. The content of the training includes existing courses Building Physics and Energy Efficiency and the course Integrated Design. This is an opportunity to propose a new elective course at the graduate study, which will integrate the contents of both subjects.

The NSG (established in each project partner country) will act as an associate partner of the project and thus contribute significantly to the quality of the project results and, at the same time, strengthen co-operation among stakeholders.

All NSG members are invited to participate in the training and in use of existing developed learning materials.

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