Signed Memorandum of Understanding between buildingSMART International and Net UBIEP

An important result was achieved at the end of the Net-UBIEP project, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Building Smart International (bSI) ( and the Net-UBIEP project (Horizon 2020) ( This Memorandum of Understanding establishes the international recognition of the qualification identified by the working group within the partnership.

The qualification developed by Net-UBIEP is proposed by bSI as new module for the buildingSMART International Individual Qualification program, in the area of Energy Performance. In other words, Learning outcomes, Body of Knowledge and Questions database developed by Net-UBIEP consortium will be aligned with the Individual Qualification policy and processes of bSI and then used in the new module of training under bSI.

Net-UBIEP and bSI understand the critical benefits of promoting closer coordination and collaboration of their respective program activities to strengthen open standards-based interoperability throughout the building and infrastructure value chain and lifecycle, and the broader application of digital product information.

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