Presentation of the BIMzeED project to the Construction Industries Commission

On April the 1st, ITeC organized a presentation session of the BIMzeED project at its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​addressed to the Construction Industry Commission (CIC).

The Construction Industry Commission was created by ITeC in early 2016, with the main objective of discussing the most current issues in the sector and to be a meeting point for industries with technology centers. With the creation of this Commission it is intended that the vision of the industry reach the ITeC’s Advisory Council as a transversal entity that brings together all the agents of the construction sector.

BIMzeED project, entitled “Education for Zero Energy Buildings using Building Modelling Information”, is run by a consortium of nine partners covering a wide range of expertise.

The BIMzeED project focuses on the training needs for the current and future construction industry with the main purpose to encourage 1) better employability, 2) low-carbon growth, 3) green and NZEB skills 4) increase in youth employment. The challenge of the BIMzeED project is to overcome skills mismatching and improve employability in the current European construction market by improving and extending the existing skills of Trainers, SMEs, site managers, craftworkers and other experienced operatives.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union under the grant agreement number 600946.

Author: Laia Casafont Solé

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