Piloting in Ireland

LIT carried out online training for BIMzeED Learning Unit 1: Collaborative BIM to achieve NZEB in Ireland. This was a great success, with well received feedback from the 20 participants from SMEs. Although the training was online, we held interactive group discussions which allowed professionals, contractors, students and specialists to share their experiences and learn from each other. The participants were happy to attend 2 hours micro-training weekly sessions over four weeks, using a flipped classroom approach which enabled access to the content before the session. Assessment was carried out with online quizzes, poster development in class and study at home to be completed and discussed at the next session. A vibrant group of people took part from all walks of life with some great stories and thank you all for attending Learning Unit 1. Interest in the other LUs was high and we hope to provide free training to you all in the other LUs in the near future. 

BIMzeED LUs have recently gained great momentum and interest in Ireland with five Higher Education Institutes delighted to pilot the BIMzeED LUs with their students from September onwards with the intent to integrate the LUs into a number of existing courses, additionally some of the LUs will be grouped together to develop new courses in 2022. The vocational Educational Training Boards also intend to group LU1, LU2 and LU5 together to create a new accredited course for apprentices and SMEs.  

Tipperary Energy Agency will pilot LU1, Lu3 and LU4 starting on 31st August. The piloting is aimed at SMEs. Details for these workshops is available below;

  1. Collaborative BIM To Achieve NZEB – Full details and register here.
  2. NZEB Realization & Commissioning: Building Envelope & Air Tightness – Full details and register here.
  3. NZEB Realization & Commissioning Building Services & Smart Technologies – Full details and register here.


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