Opportunity to reduce energy consumption with seismic renovation of buildings

The Croatian Center for Earthquake Engineering organized the 5th Conference Knowledge for Zagreb – synchronously together with seismologists, architects and builders (17th December 2020). Representatives of Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Zagreb Bojan Milovanović and Marina Bagarić within the presentation Opportunities for reducing energy consumption with seismic renovation of buildings tried to give answer the following questions:

Is it possible and how to use the opportunity to do constructive rehabilitation of buildings with energy renovation after the earthquake?

As part of the presentation, an overview of possible energy renovation technologies and possible energy savings in the buildings were given. In addition, the limitations in the reconstruction are shown, as well as the importance of education and the use of BIM tools for all stakeholders in the process of buildings reconstruction.

More info: https://www.hcpi.hr/22122020-savjetovanje-5-obnova-zagreba-nakon-potresa-znanjem-za-zagreb-78

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