To Prepare for the Workforce of the Future, Start Upskilling Employees Today

The “workforce of the future” can be an anxiety-producing phrase, conjuring images of a soulless world where the robots did indeed come for everyone’s jobs. The truth is, the robots are already here, and they’re automating repetitive tasks, not jobs. But the picture doesn’t have to be grim. Businesses that focus on reskilling, upskilling, and […]

Build Digital Project launched in Ireland

The Build Digital Project was launched in Ireland recently to ensure that world class digital practices are adopted throughout the Irish construction industry and supply chain in order to achieve a more sustainable and innovative sector from top to bottom. Read more here:  

Call for Trainers

As part of the BIMzeED project, a number of training modules on the topics of BIM and NZEB have been developed and are available to use for FREE. These online modules will be of interest to people in Higher or Vocational Education, or private trainers. By becoming a trainer on the BIMzeED course, you will […]

nZEB building – from optimal concept to the solution

Knauf Insulation, in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering University in Zagreb, organized a webinar on the topic of nZEB buildings – from the optimal concept to the solution. The webinar was held through the ZOOM platform, on December 9th, 2020, where 1,000 people participated. Through practical examples, participants were given a brief basis […]

Opportunity to reduce energy consumption with seismic renovation of buildings

The Croatian Center for Earthquake Engineering organized the 5th Conference Knowledge for Zagreb – synchronously together with seismologists, architects and builders (17th December 2020). Representatives of Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Zagreb Bojan Milovanović and Marina Bagarić within the presentation Opportunities for reducing energy consumption with seismic renovation of buildings tried to give answer […]