BIMzeED to be showcased at CitA Ltd Event

Lis O’Brien from our Project Coordinators LIT will be showcasing the #BIMzeED project at the CitA Ltd regional event today #CitARegionalWeek Full details here:

From Survey To SuperHome

The SuperHomes Ireland team explains how their home retrofit process works from application to survey, to design and works.

Building Skills for Net Zero

What is the Net Zero skills challenge?

LEAN BIM Building Information Modelling

Take a look at this interesting webinar on LEAN BIM Building Information Modelling delivered by Ralph Montague from ArcDox

To Prepare for the Workforce of the Future, Start Upskilling Employees Today

The “workforce of the future” can be an anxiety-producing phrase, conjuring images of a soulless world where the robots did indeed come for everyone’s jobs. The truth is, the robots are already here, and they’re automating repetitive tasks, not jobs. But the picture doesn’t have to be grim. Businesses that focus on reskilling, upskilling, and […]