MUZA – the nZEB roadshow mobile pavilion

The pavilion is called MUZA, which stands for mobile efficient healthy architecture (cro: Mobilna Učinkovita Zdrava Arhitektura). MUZA is an exhibition-educational space of NZEB, where the interior and exterior are adapted for holding smaller exhibitions, lectures and meetings. At the same time, MUZA is an example of construction according to NZEB standards where visitors will be able to get information about NZEB, and experience NZEB first-hand. 

MUZA was designed and constructed using BIM tools within the Horizon 2020 project “The NZEB Roadshow”. Among other uses, BIM model was particularly used to perform energy analyses and decision making during the design phase while during construction we worked with 3D representations enhanced with detailed schematics and documents, in a coordinated manner. This is particularly true for NZEBs like MUZA which are much more complex than traditional buildings. Here, the smallest conflict or misunderstanding between the different actors involved can easily lead to major errors directly impacting energy efficiency. 

The EU-funded NZEB Roadshow project will perform national-level marketing and communication promotions in five EU countries, organising nZEB weeks in selected cities in each of the participant countries. The action consists of a wide range of events including construction products, real estate exhibitions, practical demonstration and real-time construction, training for both designers and workers, career orientation and job centres focusing on the local SME construction sector. Prefabricated modular mobile pavilions such as MUZA will be used as information centres to raise awareness of the benefits of NZEBs. 

The finished pavilion is transported by truck to the desired location and fully equipped placed on the ground. MUZAs very low energy demand is achieved by using the latest innovative materials, products and technologies, respecting all the rules of the profession in constructing an NZEB. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, adequate lighting, sound insulation and quality thermal insulation ensure a healthy indoor climate and high space comfort. The monitoring system provides comprehensive information on the processes relevant to the performance of the building in terms of comfort, indoor air quality parameters and energy consumption. Renewable energy, automation and control make the building smart and offer a real nZEB building experience. 

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