BIM Model Uses For Specification and Quantification – Hungary

This course is intended for the model data exploitation through cost extraction, site planning and material listing. Furthermore, you will acquire knowledge in the design of a construction model considering time (4D) (construction planning, tasks management…), cos (5D) (budgeting, cost efficiency…)  and environmental aspects (6D) (bill of materials, LCA…).


▪ Design construction models based on the effectiveness and efficiency provided by the BIM methodology.

▪ Analyse model data to minimize costs, time and clashes in site planning.

▪ Conceptualize and apply the BIM dimensions (4D, 5D and 6D).

Who should attend this course?

Students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


The course will be delivered in a single session and the rest of the content will be learned independently.

  • Friday, 19th November 2021.

Please note: This course is aimed at students of Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a complement to the knowledge they have acquired during the course programme.


Registration for this course is closed.


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