How to design according to nZEB guidelines?

As a part of the professional training of Croatian Chamber of Architects, several free online lectures were held on the topic “How to design according to NZEB guidelines?”.

Online lectures were made in the collaboration with Wienerberger, Bojan Milovanović (Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb), Baldini studio and prof. Boris Trogrlić (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in the city of Split).

The aim of the lecture was to redirect experts in the construction field towards the construction of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB), which includes:

  • Regulations for NZEB in Croatia
  • Conditions and basic principles for designing NZEB buildings
  • NZEB quality control
  • Using BIM for NZEB solutions
  • Digital control systems
  • Examples from practice

There is a positive trend and interest of experts, architects, designers, and engineers in expanding their knowledge and the desire to update the skills on technical innovation and digitalization that occurs in the form of NZEB and BIM.

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