First National Steering Group meeting in Szentendre

On 23rd May 2019 the first National Steering Group meeting was held in Szentendre organised by ÉMI Nonprofit Ltd. and Óbuda University. The aim of the meeting was to measure and summarize the opinion of the Hungarian building industry’s experts regarding the use of BIM and NZEB requirements. The NSG will play a supporting role during the implementation of the project by providing expert advice, peer-review and fostering dissemination.

Representatives of the Hungarian building industry’s different fields attended the meeting in Szentendre. Among the 17 participants there were representatives from the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (MMK), the Hungarian BIM Association (MABIM), Graphisoft SE, Lechner Knowledge Centre, Hungarian Standardization Body (MSZT), University of Pécs and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The opening speech was held by Péter Tóth (technical director, ÉMI) and Dr. Károly Matolcsy (deputy director for development, ÉMI) which was followed by the presentation of the BIMzeED project by Viola Kelemen (project manager, ÉMI). During the presentation the participants were introduced to the general objectives and milestones of BIMzeED, also the role of the NSG in the project implementation was presented.

After the presentation an interactive round table discussion was initiated among the participating experts regarding the current state of BIM and NZEB requirements in Hungary. The participants agreed that the use of BIM is still in an early phase and it is important to include it in further trainings. In Hungary one of the biggest challenge is the lack of communication and collaboration between different fields of the construction industry. BIM would be an excellent platform to enhance cooperation. The experts agreed that one of the most important priority is raising awareness in relation to BIM and NZEB requirements since this would provide the basis for building up demand among architects, engineers and users for complex cooperation and the use of BIM.

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