Are there sustainable and/or unsustainable materials?

As part of the module GBRPO DIGITAL 2020 virtual education entitled: “Sustainable Resources” held on October 15th , 2020, an attempt was made to answer the question “Are there sustainable and/or unsustainable materials?“. The virtual training was attended by Sandro Vlačić from Ytong porobeton ltd., Bojan Milovanović, from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Julija Škoro, from Holcim Croatia.

The topic “Sustainable construction products” was presented by Bojan Milovanović from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering. Current trends regarding the global use of material resources, energy and productivity were presented. In addition to data related to the consumption of certain materials in the world, more detailed criteria for environmental acceptability of materials were presented. These included materials that have: the least possible impact on the environment, consume little energy, are recyclable, local produced, energy efficient and long-lasting, produce minimal amounts of waste, have a good social impact and are financially acceptable. In addition, examples from green construction practice are presented in detail.

The training gathered about 40 participants from various professions, mostly architects and civil engineers.

More about the education can be found here:

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