The BIMzeED project focuses on the training needs for the current and future construction industry with the main purpose to encourage 1) better employability  2) low-carbon growth, 3) green and NZEB skills 4) increase in youth employment. The challenge of the BIMzeED project is to overcome skills mismatching and improve employability in the current European construction market by improving and extending the existing skills of Trainers, SMEs, site managers, craftworkers and other experienced operatives.

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World Forum for NZEB, Dublin

The World Forum for NZEB event was held in Dublin on 14 November 2019, with Lis O’Brien from Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) representing BIMzeED. LIT were part of the panel for developing and designing the National NZEB skills specifications for Ireland and continued to develop programmes for craftworkers, construction workers and Local Authority staff […]

Latest News


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